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Classy Moon Productions

For updates on my film career/movie making/aspiring stuff – check out my film production company, Classy Moon Productions blog – link up top.  I update that blog more frequently about our journey as amateur filmmakers creating our first narrative short film, Con Artists.  It’s almost like a reality show…only real.


New Name

That’s where all of my newest blogs will be posted.  So, you know, go over there and stuff if you want.  There’s not much going on right here…

Uh, hi…

Shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that!  This is the Cirrostratus Blog – you know, you can barely see it, but if you look hard enough – there it is!

I’m new to blogging and expressing myself on the net, so get ready to be bored with my unwitty, and at times, unamusing anecdotes.  You don’t have to be here, but you are anyway.  Might as well stay.  The weather’s not bad, but getting worse, and you wouldn’t want to get in an accident on the way home.  No way!  Stay here for a while and keep rolling your eyes until they get stuck like that permanently and you’ll forever be known as “crazy eyes”, which may seem like a fun nickname now, but wait until you’re old.  Then, it will just be creepy.

Remember:  eat a lot of food, watch a lot of TV and skip the dentist regularly.  Hey, I did, and look how I turned out!  A blogger!  Neat.