Best Rock Concert Performances On Youtube (Early Edition)

Here’s Ween performing “Stacey” in 1991.  Best Parts:  A young Gene Ween and Dean’s solo.

Flight of the Conchords – “Ladies of the World” in 1999 on Newtown Salad (public access?).  What an audience.  Anyway, another great early performance from a duo.

Here’s another duo, Tenacious D, performing “Explosivo” in 1998 on what looks like a Comedy Central show.  And did the creators of Hancock rip off his get-up from Jack Black’s accessories here?  Who’s to say?

Next up is Bauhaus performing “Stigmata Martyr”.  Not sure what year this was filmed or how long the band had been together at this point, but it looks like an early capture.  Quality is a bit choppy, but a gem nonetheless.

And here’s my favorite “early performance” on Youtube – Steely Dan performing “Reelin’ in the Years” sometime in the early 70’s.  The video reads it was in 1978, but apparently that’s when this performance aired and not when it was filmed.  By 1978, Steely Dan had become strictly a “studio band”  but this video showcases their live capabilities. 

And those are my selections for now.  One day, I’m sure I’ll stumble upon some early videos of Pixies or Wilco and will have to add them to the list.  Until then, enjoy these selections hand-picked for your viewing pleasure.


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