Media Journal (November 2009)

What I’m Watching (On TV):  Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dollhouse, Supernatural

What I’m Watching (On DVD):  Gilmore Girls Season 2, Star Trek (The Original Series) Season 1, SCTV Volume 1

What I’m Listening to:  Flight of the Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig!, Steely Day – Can’t Buy a Thrill

What I’m Reading:  Neil Gaiman – Sandman, Stephen King – Salem’s Lot

What I’m Doing:  Pre-Production of short film, Con Artists – filming hopefully to begin sometime next month.  This is a project I’m working on with my lady friend, Katie, and is something we’re both passionate about.  Con Artists follows 4 washed-up actors reuniting in a shitty bar for the first time in 15 years.  What follows is lots of beer, bad food, and a look at storytelling synonymous with banter. 

The new season of Curb is going pretty pretty pretty good, forgetting even all of the Seinfeld hype.  Can’t wait to see what LD has in store for the season finale.  Dexter is quite interesting this season and they even took some really big risks (ex: SPOILER – the death of Lundy).  I’m certainly enjoying this season much more than the last.  Jimmy Smits was great and all, but looking back, Season 3 was kind of boring.  Plus I think John Lithgow is doing an exceptional job.  Kind of makes you forget about a time when he wasn’t considered a “villain” by the viewing public.  And as far as Dollhouse goes, all I can say is that it is getting better each episode.  Sad to see it cancelled but will make the most of it and watch the rest of Season 2/Series in December.  It’s Always Sunny…while still probably the funniest show on TV, just doesn’t compare to the early seasons (1, 2, maybe 3).

I’m not afraid to admit I’m a fan of the Gilmore Girls.  The study of small town behavior, friends and family (and coffee) resonates somewhere in my mind and blocks the fact that this is even considered a “chick show”.  Plus, it’s fun to watch a show where you catch 95% of the references.  I’m only on episode 4 of Star Trek but I already see it will be a low-budget (or cheap) but revolutionary sci-fi show that will present interesting ideas in space.  SCTV  (Network 90) is a straight-up classic featuring two of my favorite comedic actors:  John Candy and Rick Moranis.  Some of my favorite sketches include:  anything with Johnny LaRue, Monster Chiller Horror Theater, The Gerry Todd Show, and Mel’s Rock Pile.

Flight of the Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky is getting heavy rotation in my car due to basically all of the songs.  What a fun album to listen to!  I also just brought out Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s album Dig Lazarus Dig! for the first time since it was new, and I still think it’s one of the band’s best.  Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy a Thrill LP is being played on the record player – a great album to hear on vinyl if you haven’t.

Just finished Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2:  The Doll’s House.  I could not put this book down.  I was enthralled by the story from the get-go, from the prelude to the closing chapter, and especially the in-between (Men of Good Fortune and the Cereal Convention).  Going for Dream Country next.  Also got through the first part of Salem’s Lot and now working on the Emperor of Ice Cream.  I’ve seen both films but this is my first time reading the book.  So far, book is winning.


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